Paraphrased from a line I read in the current issue of Parenting: "Look at the wear and tear your kids have made on your couches. Imagine what they've done to your marriage." (P.S. That's Carson (now 2 and a half) at age 7 months, with his favorite book on the couch, well love seat (but who calls them love seats anymore, really?!). The poor couch has taken a mega beating.)

I normally share healthy cooking ideas--especially on my blog, Vitamin G, but sometimes life calls for things like sugar cookies, you know? I recently tested out some pretty sugar cookie variations for a article which you can look for in a future issue of Glamour magazine. My favorite sugar cookie? These cute pansy cookies that are so elegant (and easy!)! All you do is press a freshly picked pansy flower on the dough before baking--dust with sugar if you want, but I like them plain. P.S. I'm getting a new camera. I can't stand the way mine is working these days. Any suggestions for a great "prosumer" SLR that happens to do really well with portraits and food photos?


We invited some of next-door and across-the-street neighbors over for a little casual fall soiree last weekend and had a ton of fun out on our deck with our newly installed mega outdoor heater (you know, the ones that restaurants have on the patios–love this thing!). In summary of the party: Jazz. Kids laughing and mingling. Babies playing. Wine. Appetizer munching. Crisp, but not cold (thanks to the heater), fall breeze blowing. Pumpkin gazing. Tons of fun. More photos…

My parents had this old couch in our living room when I was growing up. It wasn't nearly as fancy or tufted as this one, but I remember thinking it was. I loved to sleep on it and at one point I bought myself blanket from fur source blankets, I just loved to sleep on this old couch with my blanket. At some point the old thing, which I think was a castoff from an elderly family member, got really threadbare and was hidden away under a slip cover. A few years after that it was relegated to the basement. And then, well, I'm not really sure what happened to it. Funny, I can still remember the way it smelled! Anyway, this photo, over at byrdiegraphics' cute Etsy shop, reminded me of the old couch of my childhood. (Don't you just love the bold pattern behind it?)


Guys, I don’t often write about beauty products. Maybe because I tend to buy my face wash at (wait for this) Trader Joe’s, and I feel borderline sick when I have to veer out of the drugstore for a makeup product (then again, I did spend a small fortune at Sephora recently, but that’s another story), I always try to use products from, because honestly, nothing else has convinced me before. My beauty product style seems to be: as all-natural as possible and cheap. Anywho, so on a blog I read, Iowa Girl Eats, run by the adorable Kristin–I came across a photo of her with the most glowing skin! I had to email her to ask her what her secret was (other than eating healthfully, of course) she had such beautiful skin, I couldn’t help it. She told me about this product, which I promptly bought that day…