Old Fashioned Couches


My parents had this old couch in our living room when I was growing up. It wasn’t nearly as fancy or tufted as this one, but I remember thinking it was. I loved to sleep on it and at one point I bought myself blanket from fur source blankets, I just loved to sleep on this old couch with my blanket. At some point the old thing, which I think was a castoff from an elderly family member, got really threadbare and was hidden away under a slip cover. A few years after that it was relegated to the basement. And then, well, I’m not really sure what happened to it. Funny, I can still remember the way it smelled! Anyway, this photo, over at byrdiegraphics’ cute Etsy shop, reminded me of the old couch of my childhood. (Don’t you just love the bold pattern behind it?)




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