Multicolored Carrots


My friend Kathy sent me this photo of the amazing carrots her kids, Akemi (8) and Kai (6) grew in their garden this summer. Akemi’s been gardening for several years now–since she was just 5 years old. In 2006, I wrote about her adorable story for The Seattle PI: She started a garden in hopes of selling her produce to raise money for the local hunger relief agency Northwest Harvest. Several years later, she’s still gardening. Her mom tells me that she’s raised $317 this summer to donate. I expect big things from this kiddo in the years to come (first female–Japanese American–president?! Maybe!). For now, I’m admiring her giving, curious spirit and her amazing carrots. P.S. Garden lovers, here’s the seed blend that produced these amazing veggies.


  • October 6, 2009

    How cool! I love carrots (and I know you do too) and i would love to get my hands on that variety of seeds. Wouldn’t that be an attractive bowl of coleslaw?


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