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I invite you to explore musings on life, love, the writing life, parenting, travel, and style, as well as recipes, and news about my upcoming books, book tour dates, and more!

Sarah Jio is the New York Times bestselling and #1 bestselling author of ten novels in more than 30 countries.

Sarah Jio is the New York Times bestselling and #1 bestselling author of ten novels in more than 30 countries.

Read my blog where I share thoughts on my life, writing, books, recipes and more.

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  • So much of mothering is logistical and task oriented. (Schedule dentist appointments: check! Make sure they're eating their vegetables: check! Parental controls on their iPads: check! Order new cleats for soccer: check!) All that stuff is vital, but then there's the other equally vital part: fun! Let's talk about that today...

  • What are you doing this weekend? My boys are with their dad (sniffle, sniffle), so I'm planning to use the quiet time to finish the first round of edits on my new novel. I'll also probably also go for a run, clean my closet (spring cleaning has morphed into summer cleaning at this point (oops), and spend some time hanging with Brandon and his sweet kids, of course. It's going to be warm in Seattle, yay!

  • Are you a glass-half-full, or empty sort of person? I've always skewed toward the "full" (though my parents would probably argue that there were a few questionable teenager years in there, haha). Most of the time, I jump out of bed excited about my books, my day, my kids, my life! And then there are days when ... it's hard.

  • It’s no secret that about five years ago, my life changed in big ways. I wrote a bit about that journey in a series for Glamour, which after writing about and interviewing other people for years, it was scary, exciting, and therapeutic–all at the same time–to write from a personal place. But I’m so glad I did! I hear from women all the time who are facing similar big life changes and looking for advice, encouragement, or just someone to tell them that everything’s g

  • Guys, do you think that in about 10 years, we’ll all regard avocado in the way we do 1980’s/90’s trends like Canadian-bacon-and-pineapple pizza, bagel bites, or sun-dried tomato pesto paninis? Deep thoughts to ponder this Sunday morning.

  • I have no shame about the fact that I loooooove beauty products. I’m constantly switching up my skincare routine, freaking out my boys with the latest and greatest mud mask or wacky skin treatment, haha. But over the years, I’ve stuck with a few favorite products. In this list, I’m sharing the top six products I cannot live without. Most are old timers (as in, I’ve been using them for years), but a few are kind of newbies on the scene for me. The list: Dr. Dennis Gross, A