5 Lovely Little Etsy Finds


I heart Etsy. Here are five things that caught my eye tonight …


Organic apricot butter ($8) from apricots grown in someone’s backyard orchard. Two ingredients: apricots and sugar. Swoon!

etsy-find-baby-bootiesIf only I had a little girl, I’d dress her in these cute Mon Cheri Slippers ($24)! And she’s have a cute little Bob haircut! And wear leggings! And dresses! (P.S. Carson, my 2 year old, told me today that we should “get another baby,” and that this baby should be a girl. He’s already so over his 9-month-old brother.)


Why did I buy the cheesiest black diaper bag when I could have bought this?!


Soy pumpkin spice candles!


My 2 year old is going through a cake-obsessed stage. He “makes” cakes out of various things, like Legos and blocks, then brings me little “bites.” I think he’d love this felt cake ($15). Cute huh?


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  • September 26, 2009

    Oh my gosh these are all awesome! I have niece who is nowhere big enough to wear those little shoes but that doesn’t mean her aunt can’t buy them, does it?


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