It's no secret that about five years ago, my life changed in big ways. I wrote a bit about that journey in a series for Glamour, which after writing about and interviewing other people for years, it was scary, exciting, and therapeutic--all at the same time--to write from a personal place. But I'm so glad I did! I hear from women all the time who are facing similar big life changes and looking for advice, encouragement, or just someone to tell them that everything's going to be ok (it will, I promise). I've been wanting to write more on this subject in a more extensive, public way for some time now. So, I've decided to pool my advice, observations, wisdom, experience, encouragement, along with all kinds of confessions--both serious and hilarious. I've lived it all in these past five years--from crying to laughing, barely surviving to thriving. While it felt like my life was falling to pieces back then, I never imagined the beautiful, wild journey in store, or how happy I'd wind up years later in this very moment. I'm excited to share those thoughts, anecdotes and stories here. Will you follow along? OK, so today's topic: For starters, I just want to say that I really do think men are great. In fact, I loooooove men (and my fiancé, Brandon, is my total dream boat). But girls, here's the thing: I think that, in marriage or any longterm relationship, we sometimes fall into roles that can become limiting when (I suppose this is true for men, too, and I by no means want to imply that I or women are victims in any way. No. No way.) These roles we can find ourselves stuck in, well, it's nobody's fault, per se. I think it just happens. For example, I when I found myself suddenly single, with three little boys wanting me to fix their broken remote control cars, in a creaky old house with things breaking right and left, and no man around, at first I kind of