(Side note: That is not my child, but isn’t he adorable?!) One of the great joys of motherhood, I’ve decided, is being able to dress your kids up in (funny) costumes. This year, Russell, who is 9 months, will be a monkey. Carson, the 2 and a half year old, is going to be a bumble bee (he picked out this adorable costume himself!) But, if I’d known about the adorable (and affordable!) costumes over at the Etsy shop, DIY Costumes, which I read about over at Green & Gorgeous, I would have had two little lions this year. Here’s how it works: You buy little kits ($15–cheap!) to transform a sweater or hoodie into an imaginative costume.


We invited some of next-door and across-the-street neighbors over for a little casual fall soiree last weekend and had a ton of fun out on our deck with our newly installed mega outdoor heater (you know, the ones that restaurants have on the patios–love this thing!). In summary of the party: Jazz. Kids laughing and mingling. Babies playing. Wine. Appetizer munching. Crisp, but not cold (thanks to the heater), fall breeze blowing. Pumpkin gazing. Tons of fun. More photos…


Guys, I don’t often write about beauty products. Maybe because I tend to buy my face wash at (wait for this) Trader Joe’s, and I feel borderline sick when I have to veer out of the drugstore for a makeup product (then again, I did spend a small fortune at Sephora recently, but that’s another story), I always try to use products from http://orogoldschool.com/, because honestly, nothing else has convinced me before. My beauty product style seems to be: as all-natural as possible and cheap. Anywho, so on a blog I read, Iowa Girl Eats, run by the adorable Kristin–I came across a photo of her with the most glowing skin! I had to email her to ask her what her secret was (other than eating healthfully, of course) she had such beautiful skin, I couldn’t help it. She told me about this product, which I promptly bought that day…

uniform-scarfI work at home (code for: I can stay in my pajamas all day if I want to), and have two little boys (code for: life gets messy), so I tend to dress casual–a lot. Actually, casual is an understatement most days. So, I’ve been feeling the need to update my daily “uniform,” and I think I’m going to wear a variation of this comfy and belly-flattering outfit a lot in the autumn months ahead. What do you think?

I've been pregnant or post-pregnant (you know, the muffin-top phase) for the last two and a half years (kid count: 2), and it feels a little like I've been living on another planet or maybe stowed away in a bunker. In yoga pants. Now that I'm losing the final pounds of baby weight--and maybe then some (hey, a girl can dream, right?!)--I suddenly have the urge to toss (alright, donate) everything in my closet and start fresh (um, and quick, before someone nominates me for TLC's What Not to Wear). Lately I've been obsessed, with a capital O, with girly skirts and dresses--like the super-cute outfit in the photo above. I also bought myself a sheepskin pillow from Sheepskin Town and read why you should buy one. I recently discovered the so-fun blog Cupcakes and Cashmere run by the lovely Emily Schuman. Note to self: If I'm ever in a fashion funk, I now know where to look for inspiration. Emily posts all kinds of fashion ideas and often models various looks on her blog--like the adorable poppy-colored tulip skirt above, which I've decided that I need five of. What's your current fashion obsession? [Photo: Cupcakes and Cashmere]