Every so often an idea comes along that hits me in a gazzam sort of way. Here's the deal, on my Mac computer screen right now, I have all these little sticky notes describing baby and child "moments"--little anecdotes and milestones I hope will find their way to a scrapbook when I get some time. So when I saw a post over on the beautiful blog Inchmark about an idea for a "magical thinking jar," I was totally sold: "Children say the funniest things, yet all too often, I seem to forget them after a day or two," writes blogger Brooke Reynolds. "I'll start telling my husband.. "C said the funniest thing

Dear Salesman, Why? Why do you knock on my door, causing the dog to bark, which wakes up the baby, which sends my morning into a tailspin? Why do you think that I will open my door for you? In my bathrobe. With a 2 year old in my arms. When you look just a teensy bit like you could be a convict. I don't want your vacuum cleaners, your magazine subscriptions, your window washing services. And when I wave you away through the window, don't stand there defiantly, angrily. Go. Go away now. I don't like you. Goodbye. Sincerely, Sarah P.S. That is not my front door, but isn't it cute? [Photo: *susie*]

ss_breadjamfrancesToday I took my boys to the library. It’s what you do when your kids are fussy and you have no more tricks up your sleeve. You strap them into their car seats, and you drive–to a drive-thru Starbucks, maybe, where you take a few deep breaths, and then, if they’re lucky (and if you’re adequately caffeinated), you end up somewhere fun: like the park or the library, which is where we wound up today. But I had no idea I’d end up finding a long-lost treasure …

I wrote about collections on Vitamin G this week (rocks, stickers, baseball cards--remember the days?), and it occurred to me that I really don't have anything that I collect as an adult. But if I did, I think it would be light-green ceramic pieces, like this pretty vase from the Trampoline Etsy Shop, above. I have no idea why, but whenever I'm at a garage sale, antique shop or flea market, I'm drawn to pieces like this--in exactly this color. It's like they're calling me. Is this weird? Yes it is. What do you collect? [Photo: Trampoline]

I'm blogging about splurges and happiness (how's that for a combo) tomorrow on Vitamin G, and I feel compelled to tell you that I just spent an ungodly amount of money on a high chair and all of its special add-ons and bells and whistles. Why, you ask? Because I wanted a prettier one. That's all. After two years and two kids, I finally ordered the high chair I've always wanted. Russell, my 5 month old, is going to be eating real food soon (here we go again!), and I decided it was time for a cuter chair at our table. So we traded up. Did I have to spend a small fortune on the thing? No. Should I have saved my money? Yes. Is my husband a little perplexed by this purchase? Uh huh. And a little irritated? Maybe. Would I consider returning it? Not a chance. P.S. It's a white Stokke Tripp Trap high chair. Cute, huh? [Photo: Stokke]