The publishing experience can sometimes feel like a lonely one. You spend months, even years, holed up in your office, alone with your characters. Then, you sell the book, and a few more people read it---and critique it---and then there's the long, long wait until publication. Then you get a box of advance reader copies in the mail, and you shyly send them out into the world

I've been distracted with my new baby these past few days, but when I came up for air recently, and took a peek online, I found these exciting posts about The Violets of March. Had to share! *The Barnes & Noble Blog: Lisa Steinke, of Chick Lit Is Not Dead, who also contributes to the Barnes and Noble blog, Unabashedly Bookish, included VIOLETS in her must-read list for 2011. So honored! (And, like me, Lisa just had a baby!) * Author Melissa Senate (whose new novel, The Love Goddess' Cooking School, is absolutely droolworthy!) chose VIOLETS as one of the five debut novels she's looking forward to in 2011. Woohoo! * Book blogger, Wendy of, included VIOLETS in a post this week--so fun! *A Cozy Reader's Corner: VIOLETS was spotlighted earlier this month on this beautiful book blog as an "enticing new release"--yay! I think I'm forgetting something, but forgive me---I'm foggy-headed right now. This is what 4 hours of sleep per night does to one's brain!

Yes, it still looks the same, but note the addition of the beautiful blurb from Jodi Picoult on the cover! (Swoon!) I love how it looks up there. What do you think? I was so fortunate to also receive gorgeous endorsements from Allison Winn Scotch, Claire Cook, Beth Hoffman, Sarah Pekkanen and Kelly O'Connor McNees as well, and these will appear on the back cover and inside flap. I'm so grateful to all of these terrific authors for taking the time to read and support my debut novel. That's all for now. I'm an exhausted, sleep-deprived new mama, but loving every minute with baby Colby---who slept for 4 hours straight last night. A miracle.

Colby William surprised us with his quick arrival on Monday, January 31 at 9:15 p.m. (I almost didn't make it into the hospital in time for his arrival--just three hours of labor, and while I did get an epidural, it didn't take effect before he was born so this was my first full "natural labor" experience--ouch!)! Colby was a big guy for being 10 days early---7 lbs, 6 ounces, and 19.5 inches long. He's a unique little guy with slightly strawberry blond, a super-rare blood type (AB-, which all the medical staff marveled at), a heart-shaped face and the strongest little wiry arms and legs. You can already tell that he can't wait to get on the floor and wrestle with his brothers. Carson (4) and Russell (2) already adore him. Jason and I are so happy and in love with this new little guy in our lives. And we feel absolutely outnumbered here. :)