Warning: Pity party in progress! OK, now that you've read the disclaimer, I'm going to jump right in and tell you about my very bad day. Nope, nothing earth-shattering happened. And, by bad-day standards, this one wasn't even that bad. (This day, however, which I wrote about on Vitamin G a while back, was bad.) So why do I feel like screaming? Here was my day, in a nutshell: *I'll just say this: being on a conference call with your Glamour magazine editors and colleagues while feeding your baby and entertaining your 2 year old is really, really hard. *Did I stick my foot in my mouth today? Um, yes. *I had a crazy craving for artichokes all day (no, I am not pregnant)--but had none in the house. *It was hot. The house was about 90 degrees. I get cranky when I'm hot. *My 2 year old slammed a drawer on my finger, which made me feel like I was 2. *I got nothing done. *I missed an article deadline. *The baby was fussy. *We had leftover pizza for dinner. Cold pizza. That's all. [Photo: Doug Sims]

Are you a fan of Tori Spelling? I've always liked her, but I've never been a die-hard fan or anything (then again, the parents never did like us watching 90210). But then I became a mom, and she became a mom, and suddenly I think I'd like to meet her at the playground, invite her over for 4 p.m. mommy cocktails, and let the guys BBQ on the back deck. I have no idea what she's been through with her family drama (you know how she was cut out of her parents' will, yada yada), but I find myself sympathizing with her these days. After hearing that her mom, Candy, (am I the only one who thinks this woman is a little nuts?) reportedly said that Tori "killed her father" or some such, I've decided that I admire Tori for surviving a mother like that. I also want to buy her books--all of them-- and watch her goofy-looking reality show. What about you? Fan of Tori, too?