stokke-high-chairI’m blogging about splurges and happiness (how’s that for a combo) tomorrow on Vitamin G, and I feel compelled to tell you that I just spent an ungodly amount of money on a high chair and all of its special add-ons and bells and whistles. Why, you ask? Because I wanted a prettier one. That’s all. After two years and two kids, I finally ordered the high chair I’ve always wanted. Russell, my 5 month old, is going to be eating real food soon (here we go again!), and I decided it was time for a cuter chair at our table. So we traded up.

Did I have to spend a small fortune on the thing? No. Should I have saved my money? Yes. Is my husband a little perplexed by this purchase? Uh huh. And a little irritated? Maybe. Would I consider returning it? Not a chance.

P.S. It’s a white Stokke Tripp Trap high chair. Cute, huh?

[Photo: Stokke]

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