10 Reasons Why I'm Looking Forward to Growing Old

gtandmaI’m 31, but I’d secretly like to be retired. I love my job as a writer, and my gig as a mama, but I can’t help but look ahead to the quieter days and think–ahhh, that sounds nice. Who doesn’t? Here’s why I think being 65, 70, or 84 wouldn’t be too bad. P.S. Mumus are not on the list.

(The photo, which I found over on Flickr, is of a woman in Phoenix, Arizona, who passed away in 1972. A relative of hers says that she wrote little captions like the one above “not much good” on her photos and had quite the sense of humor. Cute!)

Why I wouldn’t mind being an old lady…

1. Twilight golf.

2. Long, luxurious lunches with friends–with no responsibilities or kiddos to rush home to.

3. Paris on Wednesday. Bahamas on Friday. No jobs to come back to on Monday.

4. Cruises–long ones.

5. Grandkids: Play with them, then send ’em home to their parents.

6. Books–big stacks of them with my feet nestled in white sand.

7. Water aerobics. (Hey, I think it sounds like fun!)

8. Cocktail hour.

9. Sitting back and being proud of my (gulp) adult kids.

10. Seeing how cute my husband looks with gray hair.

[Photo: FreeParking]

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  • September 17, 2011
    Donna Grace Davis

    Oops, I just found your synopsis on “The Bungalow”. It doesn’t sound as intriguing as “The Violets of March” but I will definitely read it.


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