Cooking With Squash Blossoms

My love of squash is real, guys. Pumpkin. Zucchini. Acorn. Butternut. I’ll take any and all squash you throw at me, and I’ll bake with it, oven roast it, puree it–you name it. But you know what I’ve come to love more than squash itself over the years? Their flowers. These big, bright pale orange beauties are pure gold. In fact, I now plant pumpkins all over my backyard in the spring so that I have an influx of squash blossoms each summer.
So, how do you eat a squash blossom, you ask? Oh, oh, oh, let me count the ways:

*Stuff them with ricotta or goat cheese (my fave) mixed with a little garlic and basil and pan fry or bake (I have been nixing the breading these days and baking, with a spray of olive oil). Here’s a great recipe to get you started.

*Sautee in a bit of butter or olive oil with minced garlic for an amazing side dish.

*Add to stirfry dishes in the way you would bok choy or other vegetables.

*Chop and add to salads.

*Make a squash cake or loaf (think pumpkin cake), and press into the top of the batter before baking for a super cool looking effect.

Have you ever cooked with squash blossoms? What are your favorite recipes?

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  • August 25, 2018

    Love your stories.


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