My Secret Morning Ritual…

Good morning, friends!

I was out last week with our children on vacation in Lake Chelan, Washington. Ever been? It is a-mazing, and now our second summer in a row visiting. I’m back in Seattle this morning, working on a new writing deadline (with big announcements to come!). But first, I want to share my secret morning ritual with you…

Am I the only one who’s obsessed with learning about other people’s morning routines? Confession: I once listened to an entire 45-minute podcast about a beauty blogger’s very long and elaborate list of morning rituals, haha. Because mornings are so important to setting the tone for an awesome day, I may share my list here at some point, but for now, I just want to talk about one thing: coffee. Yes, yes, I love my lemon water, exercise, stretching and all the other healthy items on the morning list, but without my special, secret coffee, the day just isn’t right. And it’s just not any cup of joe. No, no. Let me explain…

I’m one of millions to admit that I have been bitten by the ketogenic eating bug. I’m not going to get into the specifics of it all here (if interested, check out some YouTube videos from Dr. Eric Berg, which is where I learned about how it works), but I will say  that I have never felt better than I have when eating this way. Further, I love adding in a bit of what’s called “intermittent fasting” to the mix, which is where my special, secret coffee comes in.

I’ve never been a big breakfast eater, so I find that by having a more substantial cup of coffee, I’m not famished by noon, and it sets me up for getting in a good little “fast” before lunch. For newbies to IF, Dr. Berg’s videos are also great for learning the basics.

So, what’s a a “substantial cup of coffee?” If you’ve heard of the Bulletproof Coffee craze, you know what I’m talking about. But I take things a step further:

Sarah’s Top Secret Special Coffee

Mix together in a blender:

2 tsp Trader Joe’s instant coffee (don’t judge, instant coffee is so rad! I promise, grab a jar next time you’re at TJ’s and see what I mean. It’s nutty and creamy, even without anything added.)

1.5 cups hot water

2 tsp unflavored collagen powder (I like this brand)

1 tbs Kerigold grass-fed butter

1 tsp MCT oil (any brand is fine)

The result is this creamy, frothy, kind of savory, and ultimately amazing cup of coffee. You get some fuel from the MCT oil and butter, as well as some protein and skin-boosting bonuses from the collagen powder. I literally go to bed excited to have coffee the next morning, then wake up and practically run to my blender. No joke. Oh, and a word of caution: glass blenders can break when you blend hot liquids (this has happened to me, and it was messy.) I love my Blendtec, which my fiancé gave to me when he upgraded to a Vitamix. A good blender is worth every penny.

Happy coffee-making!

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  • July 28, 2018
    Ekaterina Sagan

    Hello Sarah!
    Thank you so much for your books! They are so wonderful! When I read I imagine all the heroes and live together with them! Your books are so kind and full of love! I am Katerina from Russia. I read your books in Russian but I hope to read your books in English in original one day ! I wish you good luck! Be happy and be loved ! And I hope to read your books all the time !


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