Have the Dreamiest Weekend.

Hope you all have the dreamiest summer weekend. I’m off to The Herbfarm with Brandon and his parents to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary (!!!). I also plan to squeeze in a long run, some writing and a little gardening time if I can. Some reading for you:

*The workout I’m obsessed with these days (Meghan Markle is too!)

*I want to read this book asap.

*An idea of how I’ve been eating for the past year (and I’ve never felt better).

*Two pretty rad ladies.

*I looooove my slow cooker. Some meal ideas here.

*Eek! My friend Joanna lost her wedding ring.

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  • August 8, 2018

    Thanks for sharing the link with the recipes! They look soooo good and I have been short on creative ideas lately. The Thai beef bowls are going on the menu asap.


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