Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, along with the freak Thanksgiving week snowstorm in Seattle (fun, but it's nice to be back in the 40s again!), the boys and I sat down to write our letters to Santa. Here they are, in their own words: To: Santa From: Carson, age 3 Dear Santa, I would really like a pizza cutter, and my very own tape and pen. I would also like a white puppy, a blue teddy bear and a truck. And some salami would be nice too. I love salami. I love you, Santa. I will leave some cookies for you on Christmas Eve. I've been a good boy this year. Love, Carson To: Santa From: Russell, age 1 (as dictated by older brother Carson, with input from Russell) Dear Santa, I would like a cookie, and a doggie, and a bear. I like garbage trucks. Can you bring me a garbage truck? We have a big one that comes on our street. I would also like a Thomas book, and a garbage truck book. I will leave a carrot for Rudolph. I don't like carrots. Love, Russell

The FedEx guy delivered this box today, and when I looked at the label, I nearly kissed the man. My books! Well, my advance reader copies, but they look and feel like the real thing, and I'm am so delighted to have them in my hands! Flipping through the pages was so much fun! It felt a little like looking over your baby after you give birth (OK, maybe too strong of an analogy, but I did have tears of joy in my eyes!), counting toes, admiring eyes, etc. After all, I am this book's mama! Of course, I had to let the boys hold a copy. They squealed with excitement (not really knowing why--they're 1 and 3). Then, this is what happened--total mayhem: A very exciting day. Since I can't toast the occasion with something real (I'm pregnant!), I'm sipping mulled cranberry cider!