These past few weeks I have been using every spare minute of every single day to work on the revise process of my novel. Yep, when you finish the long process of writing a book, landing an agent, editing the book with said agent, and then finally sell it–wee!–you then roll up your sleeves and start a new layer of work on the book. It’s a long process, and not for the faint of heart. But, P.S. I kind of love it! I’ve watched as this book has grown from a little seed of an idea, to a little green shoot, to a bud, and now, thanks to the keen eye of my editor at Penguin, Denise, it is growing into a big beautiful in-bloom flower. (At least, that is our hope!)

As some of you know, my book tells two stories: that of a modern-day woman, and a woman in the year of 1943. As I’ve been living with these characters (really, they’re like old friends), I’ve come to rely on some favorite music to fuel my writing and imagination. And, I can’t tell you how powerful music has been to me as I write, and now, revise. Particularly, for this book, the old songs of the past–the songs my grandparents listened to–and some truly amazing, jazz music as well as modern-day faves, have gotten me in the place I need to be to write well. Here’s my The Violets of March playlist (in random order):

Here’s Russell after his bath tonight. Poor boy has had a high fever most of this week, but tonight he seemed to be perking up. Big sigh. Here’s to hoping he’s able to get some rest tonight (um, and me too!).

In other news … I’m so excited to announce that I sold my first novel! My book, The Waters of March, will be published by Penguin (Plume) in the summer of 2011. I’m overjoyed and excited–and also thrilled to be working with the fabulous Denise Roy at Penguin!

A big thanks to my literary agent extraordinaire, Elisabeth Weed! More on the details of novel-publishing in the months ahead, but for now, here’s the official announcement that appeared on Publisher’s Marketplace today …

Such sad news that Gourmet (and Cookie!) are closing. Boo hoo. Huge blow to the magazine industry. I've written for Gourmet in years past. In fact, some of my earliest national magazine assignments were a series of food trend stories for Gourmet, and I was so proud of them that I chose two to frame and hang in my kitchen. Great kitchen art, right?


So first I tell you about my fall fashion faves, and now I’m blabbering on about autumnal things again. Think I’m ready for a season change? After the long and windy road of this summer (which will forever be known as The Summer of Real Estate), the answer is yes. As I’m writing tonight, I have my office window propped open here in Seattle, and there’s a cool breeze spilling in–cool as in, it has a little bite to it. I love it. Don’t get me wrong, I think summer is fine, but I absolutely love fall. The sweaters. The leaves. The wood-burning fire smell. The pumpkins. The pumpkin-spice muffins, lattes (P.S. They’ve just arrived at Starbucks!), well, anything pumpkin-flavored. Squash, of all kinds. Fall TV shows. Slower-paced evenings. Candle light. Soup. Apples and cinnamon. The countdown to Christmas. Rain boots. Scarves. I’ll take them all. (I’m not alone, other bloggers seem to be bitten by fall too, like Stephanie, who keeps the beautiful blog Nie Nie Dialogues). More ramblings, and an update…

Warning: Pity party in progress! OK, now that you've read the disclaimer, I'm going to jump right in and tell you about my very bad day. Nope, nothing earth-shattering happened. And, by bad-day standards, this one wasn't even that bad. (This day, however, which I wrote about on Vitamin G a while back, was bad.) So why do I feel like screaming? Here was my day, in a nutshell: *I'll just say this: being on a conference call with your Glamour magazine editors and colleagues while feeding your baby and entertaining your 2 year old is really, really hard. *Did I stick my foot in my mouth today? Um, yes. *I had a crazy craving for artichokes all day (no, I am not pregnant)--but had none in the house. *It was hot. The house was about 90 degrees. I get cranky when I'm hot. *My 2 year old slammed a drawer on my finger, which made me feel like I was 2. *I got nothing done. *I missed an article deadline. *The baby was fussy. *We had leftover pizza for dinner. Cold pizza. That's all. [Photo: Doug Sims]