crayonThe beautiful Leigh over at the blog Marvelous Kiddo wrote in her bio that she was raised as an “unschooler.” A what? How had I not heard of this word in my 31 years? I’m familiar with home schooling, of course, because my mom home-schooled my sister, brothers and me for a short time, a fact that I still find amazing. (I was only home for a brief stint between moving from one school district to another, and though I give my mom props for doing it, I don’t think it suited me). But unschooling? I had no idea. So, fascinated, I googled it, and found this interesting definition from the site,

I've been pregnant or post-pregnant (you know, the muffin-top phase) for the last two and a half years (kid count: 2), and it feels a little like I've been living on another planet or maybe stowed away in a bunker. In yoga pants. Now that I'm losing the final pounds of baby weight--and maybe then some (hey, a girl can dream, right?!)--I suddenly have the urge to toss (alright, donate) everything in my closet and start fresh (um, and quick, before someone nominates me for TLC's What Not to Wear). Lately I've been obsessed, with a capital O, with girly skirts and dresses--like the super-cute outfit in the photo above. I also bought myself a sheepskin pillow from Sheepskin Town and read why you should buy one. I recently discovered the so-fun blog Cupcakes and Cashmere run by the lovely Emily Schuman. Note to self: If I'm ever in a fashion funk, I now know where to look for inspiration. Emily posts all kinds of fashion ideas and often models various looks on her blog--like the adorable poppy-colored tulip skirt above, which I've decided that I need five of. What's your current fashion obsession? [Photo: Cupcakes and Cashmere]

Warning: Pity party in progress! OK, now that you've read the disclaimer, I'm going to jump right in and tell you about my very bad day. Nope, nothing earth-shattering happened. And, by bad-day standards, this one wasn't even that bad. (This day, however, which I wrote about on Vitamin G a while back, was bad.) So why do I feel like screaming? Here was my day, in a nutshell: *I'll just say this: being on a conference call with your Glamour magazine editors and colleagues while feeding your baby and entertaining your 2 year old is really, really hard. *Did I stick my foot in my mouth today? Um, yes. *I had a crazy craving for artichokes all day (no, I am not pregnant)--but had none in the house. *It was hot. The house was about 90 degrees. I get cranky when I'm hot. *My 2 year old slammed a drawer on my finger, which made me feel like I was 2. *I got nothing done. *I missed an article deadline. *The baby was fussy. *We had leftover pizza for dinner. Cold pizza. That's all. [Photo: Doug Sims]

Are you a fan of Tori Spelling? I've always liked her, but I've never been a die-hard fan or anything (then again, the parents never did like us watching 90210). But then I became a mom, and she became a mom, and suddenly I think I'd like to meet her at the playground, invite her over for 4 p.m. mommy cocktails, and let the guys BBQ on the back deck. I have no idea what she's been through with her family drama (you know how she was cut out of her parents' will, yada yada), but I find myself sympathizing with her these days. After hearing that her mom, Candy, (am I the only one who thinks this woman is a little nuts?) reportedly said that Tori "killed her father" or some such, I've decided that I admire Tori for surviving a mother like that. I also want to buy her books--all of them-- and watch her goofy-looking reality show. What about you? Fan of Tori, too?

I wrote about something called Pottery Barn Catalog Syndrome on Vitamin G a while back. Here's how I described it (quoting myself, which seems really quite weird): "When I'm flipping through these catalogs--looking at all the gorgeous and perfectly clean and tidy spaces--I start to feel bad about my own house. First it's the little things like "man, I can't believe how awful my coffee table looks." Then I start thinking about how bad my living room rug looks and before long I'm thinking: "NEW HOUSE! Definitely need a new house." Anyway, I'm having Crate and Barrel Catalog Syndrome these days--especially after seeing an ad for their summer sale, where a certain chair caught my eye. But here's the deal: I can't tell if this Jardin Chair is cute or horrible. On one hand, I can see it in my office or in the corner of my bedroom looking kind of fabulous. But wait, is it way too loud? Bold? Take-me-away-to-the-Caribbean? Sometimes I worry that I don't have decor-dar (you know, decor radar). I need a interior designer BFF and fast. What do you think of the chair? P.S. I hate cribs. We had to buy crib #3 (today) in less than three years due to a second major crib recall. Do you know how obnoxiously time consuming it is to install a crib?

Ever since I saw a post on this genius pie, which also happens to be a cookie and a cake (I know!), over at the gorgeous blog CakeSpy--they call it "the triple threat"--I have wanted some, even if it's just a teensy bite. Because, who are we kidding, a slice of this thing would induce a heart attack. But because it's Friday and because it looks like absolute fun, I'm sharing it with you today. Jessie at CakeSpy says, "Separately, each is wonderful in its own way. Cookies and milk after school. Birthday cake. Pie at Thanksgiving. But what if--just what if--all of this awesome could be combined into one singular sensation?" Enjoy! [Photo: CakeSpy]

Truth be told, I'm a cookbook junkie. Speaking of, I'm writing about Kate Gosselin's new cookbook tomorrow on, just how sad it is that something like this is in the works. Nope, I won't be buying it. Hey, I'm all for cookbooks, but not this one. Read more about my feelings on the matter, and why I've officially broken up with Jon and Kate here. And, tell me, would you buy a cookbook from someone who some say can't even cook and whose kids sometimes call her the babysitters' names? Just asking