My Word for 2017


An inspiring photographer friend of mine, Michelle Moore, decided to pick an aspirational word for the New Year. She chose the word “elevate,” which I really loved–both the word and the idea. I thought a long time about what word I’d choose. Lots of words rose to the top, but the one that resonated most is: grace.

I don’t always feel that graceful. In fact, a lot of my life is about rushing and worrying and clumsily getting from point A to point B. Snapping when I should speak in a kind voice. Criticizing myself, sometimes cruelly. I don’t always show myself grace, and, even worse, sometimes I don’t give others the grace I should give them either.

I’ve always loved Grace Kelly, above; her life seemed to embody her name. I’d love to write about her someday. Maybe.

For now, here’s to a grace-filled 2017!


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  • February 7, 2017
    Carol Luciano

    Oh yes , Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn are two women I always associate with Grace.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Carol L


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