Finished Books Are … HERE!


One of the most memorable moments for an author is the moment a box arrives in the mail from your editor/publisher with finished copies of your novel! Seriously, after nine books, published in (I think) 30 countries, this never gets old.

Yesterday, a few boxes of my eighth novel in the US, and my ninth novel in the world, ALWAYS, arrived! I was so excited to see them, and also a little shy about the ENORMOUS photo of my face on the back. Eeks! What do you think? I’m so excited to be working with the BEST publishing team in the U.S., Random House/Ballantine, to release the first of three new novels of mine in the U.S.

Have you preordered your copy yet? I can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks of this story.

Lots of love from Seattle!


  • January 31, 2017

    I must said I share your exciting 🙂
    I read all of your books, and love all of them. Hmm, almost all of them :))
    But my favourite is “Blackberry Winter”. I can’t wait for “Always”!

    Love from small country, Azerbaijan.

  • March 22, 2017
    Bernette J. Fitzgerald

    I was browsing in the bookstore one day, and came across Violets in March. The title interested me, and I love violets. My birthday is in March, and I bought the book. I fell in love with the story. Then I went and bought the rest of your books. I have given them to numerous people to read ,and as gifts. I was curious ,as to why you hadn’t written a book in awhile . I thought something must have happened to you. I am so happy you are writing again. I liked your new book,but it a is very different love story. Some of my friends liked it , and some didn’t like the story. I am still thinking of story days after I read the book. I wish you the best with your sons and family. I just want to say keep writing you certainly have a smooth flow to your stories. I am like I found your books in the bookstore.

  • April 26, 2017
    Joan W. Skinner

    Just finished Always and loved it, now I want to read all your other books. Am happy to add you to my list of favorite authors. Thank you

  • April 27, 2017
    Ayhan Durukan

    Hello Sarah,
    I read one of your books name is “Blackberry Winter”. I congratulate you so you wrote a book like this. I was effected after I read the book. I have understood one more time how all mothers looked after their babies. I advice to all around me to read “Blackberry Winter”. It is excellent.
    Love From Turkey


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