I wrote a little something for the MOPS (Mother's of Preschoolers) email newsletter today (hello MOPS!), so, I feel like giving away a copy of my new novel to one deserving, perhaps overworked mother (like me). For the record, I have three little boys---5 and under. Moms, let's stick together! I'm on a book tour this month---and having a blast---but it's quite something to go on a book tour when you have three young children to care for. Before each trip, I'm making sure everything's attended to so my little guys are happy and comfy before I go (daddy and grandparents are helping a bunch---and the baby goes where I go, so lots of plane travel with baby!), and that means lots of extra prep work before each trip. Moms, you get this! We work hard (even when we're not going on a book tour!) and because we all could use time to kick our feet up more and read, I'm giving away a copy of my new novel, The Bungalow, to one mother (at random). I'm also tucking in some chocolate, too, to make it extra special. :) Just leave a comment below! I'll choose a winner this week. P.S. Not a mama? Don't worry, I'll do more giveaways soon!

Here I am with Colby, my 11-month-old (who will be joining me on my book tour this month and next!), attempting to steal a kiss at Third Place Books in Ravenna the day my new novel, The Bungalow, came out. I'll be reading at Third Place Books Ravenna in Seattle on Tuesday night (tomorrow!). Seattle friends, I hope you'll come out and say hi! xoxo P.S. Can you spot The Bungalow on the table?

My second novel, The Bungalow, went on sale last week, and in its first week of sales, it hit BookScan's bestseller list in the category of romance-themed books, at #3! Bookscan is an publishing industry tracking system that tallies how many books are sold in a given week, and I am so excited to have made the list. More news to come, but for now, I just wanted to thank everyone---so much---for your support. It is such an honor to write stories for you. Hugs from Seattle. xoxo