Today was an incredible day for The Violets of March. The amazing team at SheReads chose my novel as their September book club pick (such an honor!) and as a result, Violets suddenly skyrocketed up the charts on and elsewhere (a friend called to tell me that a bookstore in her city was sold out!). And, I practically fell off my chair when I spotted my book on a list with The Help (you know, the book that's been on the bestseller list for about a century, now!). On the Movers and Shakers List, my book---for a brief second---surpassed The Help in its climb upward. If you blinked, you missed it, but it was a very exciting moment for a first time author to see the little book I created share space with such a noteworthy title. Wow. Thank you for celebrating with me!

I was so excited to see this photo that my husband snapped at Fred Meyer (a huge chain department store/grocery store in the Seattle area), where The Violets of March appears on a staff picks shelf, along with a few books written by friends, Allie Larkin's Stay, and Sarah-Kate Lynch's Dolci Di Love. Also, two books I'm dying to read were there. Such good company. Thank you Fred Meyer!