Husband-isms & News!

In the weeks leading up to the debut of my novel, The Violets of March, lots of news is coming in—reviews, sales info, book sightings, and publicity tidbits (stay tuned for some exciting news in the weeks ahead!!), which has been so much fun. So, my husband has been really great about, well, keeping it real. Take this convo we had in the car recently when I was dissecting the review in Publisher’s Weekly:

Me: “They called the book ‘easy-to-digest’. You think that’s good, right? Right?”

Husband: “Yeah.”

Me: “I mean, I’m not Hemingway. I guess I should view it as a compliment that they called it easy to read. Right? Right? Work with me here, honey.”

Husband: “Yeah.” Long pause. “Well, you don’t really use very many big words in the book.”

Me: Now smug. Looking out the window. Arms crossed. “What do you mean I don’t use very many ‘big words?!!!!'”


And, I’m happy to share that Spanish rights to Violets have been sold, which means if you happen to be visiting Spain in the months ahead, you can pick up my book there. Felicidades!

  • March 30, 2011

    Laughing so hard–I say “I’m not Hemingway” to JP all the time. Did I get that from you?

  • April 5, 2011

    Hmmm, Spanish, German….Is there a chance that the book will be translated to Russian also and published for sale in Russian speaking countries? It is a huge market and I think a lot of people in this countries would love to read your book 🙂


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