Gourmet Firewood


We’ve been having an insanely difficult time finding firewood. We’ve struck out three times with firewood sales people on Craig’s List (all three were no shows), so yesterday, when temps in Seattle were dropping below freezing, Jason went out for a bundle of wood and came home with the most unusual thing: gourmet firewood. I know, who knew? He spent waaaaaay too much money on a box of Lazzari Almond Firewood (at where else but Whole Foods). Almond firewood–sounds kind of delicious doesn’t it? He popped it in the fireplace and I envisioned that it would make the house smell like toasted almonds or something. But no, it didn’t. Still, I felt pretty fancy with our gourmet wood! Here’s what I learned about it …


According to the Lazzari peeps, almond wood burns “clean and long.” It also provides a very high heat and is the most popular choice for use in wood ovens for cooking. “Our Almond wood is an orchard cut hardwood,” they write. “Harvesting orchard woods is an ecologically friendly substitute for cutting native hardwoods.”

There you have it. Almond wood. We learn something every day.


  • December 14, 2009

    Wow, fancy! They can fancy-up pretty much about anything these days, right? Except maybe, I dunno, nails.

    We really need to figure out our fireplace, there were drafts so years ago a handyman stuffed it with something. But now we never have fires!

  • December 14, 2009

    That does sound fancy! I wish I had a working fireplace!


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