Last week I finished a major recipe development and testing project for Glamour. I feel a little like I’ve made it to the top of a huge (and very tasty) mountain. I have been so busy this past month that I’ve neglected this blog, so to catch up, I’m going to be posting little bits and pieces of things that a.) happened, b.) were baked/cooked/sauteed and c.) dreamed up over the course of the last few weeks. Stay tuned! P.S. These banana cupcakes …


…were pure heaven. I made them a dozen different ways (OK, not quite a dozen, but almost!) and settled on an amazing recipe that used egg whites to fluff them up. The problem with banana cupcakes, I found, is that many recipes are way too muffin-like. Fluffy egg whites helped matters, as did pureed bananas (rather than mashed). I wish I could share the recipe (sorry, I know, I’m such a tease), but it’s now property of Glamour magazine. But I will tell you that peanut butter buttercream frosting (or in my case, due to my son’s nut allergy, sunflower seed butter frosting) is a divine topping, as is caramel buttercream, both of which I made and ate way too much of. By the way, don’t you just love the word “buttercream”?!


Can you say cupcake coma?


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  • November 27, 2009

    Peanut Butter frosting?? Cupcake coma indeed! So jealous that you are able to develop cupcake recipes for a job…sounds awesome 🙂


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