Two of the happiest sights, ever, in my opinion. :) P.S. I'm still polishing up my novel with my editor at Penguin, and having a surprising amount of fun doing it (who knew that revisions could be fun!?). And, and, and, very excited to report that I'm working on book #2. Stay tuned on that!

Here’s Russell after his bath tonight. Poor boy has had a high fever most of this week, but tonight he seemed to be perking up. Big sigh. Here’s to hoping he’s able to get some rest tonight (um, and me too!).

In other news … I’m so excited to announce that I sold my first novel! My book, The Waters of March, will be published by Penguin (Plume) in the summer of 2011. I’m overjoyed and excited–and also thrilled to be working with the fabulous Denise Roy at Penguin!

A big thanks to my literary agent extraordinaire, Elisabeth Weed! More on the details of novel-publishing in the months ahead, but for now, here’s the official announcement that appeared on Publisher’s Marketplace today …

On Sunday, my husband took Carson, 3, to the store after he threw an enormous tantrum in front of my in-laws–a tantrum that lasted, oh, about 3 hours–and they returned with a big bouquet of flowers, above. From Carson. To mama. It melted my heart.

I’ve been thinking a lot about Carson these days. How he’s so passionate. So emotional. So intense. My mom says that the odd years (as in 1, 3, 5 and 7) are the hardest years in parenting. I tend to agree. Did I mention that I also have a 1 year old? I don’t mind if you feel sorry for me right now. It is a wild life. But, P.S. I love it. And, P.P.S. 2 and 4 have to be easier, right? Please say yes!

So, with the excitement of finishing a novel–a novel I am proud of and believe in (this is weird, but my characters have started to feel like friends–I can’t believe I just typed that!)–this has been an eventful month. Yet, this week, I got some news that made all of it seem insignificant ….

Is it January 22 already? Good heavens. This month is flying. I’ve been busy writing, revising my novel, blogging, mothering, cooking, running (more on that soon, and on Vitamin G), and a zillion other things I won’t bore you with. So, it hit me today that the first month of a new year is, now, almost gone. Wow. Just like that.

I love posting little snippets here on this blog, which I’ve started to think of as a scrapbook. How about that? A scrapbook that the world can see! And just because I don’t want to forget this wonderful month, here are a few little simple things and moments that I want to remember …