Lately I’ve been a little obsessed with the idea of getting a chalkboard for my kitchen–with a cute antique frame. I’m convinced it would be fun to write the dinner menu on it each night, as a daily traditions (other meal-time traditions I love: prayer, candle-lighting, talking about our days, and of course, some pre-dinner wine for mama).

If I had a chalkboard, here’s what I would have written down for tonight (warning: It’s a very random dinner, but we all loved it–even the 1 year old!):

Of all the surprising things about writing and selling a novel (it’s lonely, isolating–yet strangely tons of fun–scary, hunger-inducing (think of all that mental exercise), back-breaking, etc.), I admit, I hadn’t put much thought to the idea that people around the world might actually read my book (which as I mentioned before, will be published by Penguin in the summer of 2011). I mean, surely, this was just the lucky plight of a handful of bestselling novelists, right? Well, then my amazing literary agents sold my book in Germany, after a 6-publisher auction. I got the news on my Blackberry while I was at Trader Joe’s grocery shopping with my two kiddos, and I practically fainted on the cereal aisle. Right next to the instant oatmeal.