I write about health for a living (come on over and read my Glamour.com health and fitness blog!), so it may come as a surprise that I (secretly) have a mega crush on donuts. No, I don't indulge often, but when I crave a donut, well, I crave a donut. So when I read a tweet from Kathleen at Bookish Broad about apple cider donuts (follow her on Twitter--she always has lots of great stuff to say), I immediately started salivating. Not only had I never tried an apple cider donut in my life, but I also had no idea what they were. In any case, they sounded divine, so I got cooking. I used this recipe from Smitten Kitchen, and employed the boys and their cute aprons to help with the dough-mixing and rolling. We fried them up after dinner and voila: apple cider donut bliss! We've all decided to make this a fall tradition. Love. What are your fall traditions?

I'm working on a story for Real Simple's November issue and got a chance to check out some products from The Laundress in New York--an all-natural, non-toxic line of home care and cleaning products--and I went crazy for their "Home Spray." Simply titled, this formula is the loveliest smelling thing my nose has come across in a long time (and that's saying a lot for a pregnant woman who is scent-averse right now!). It's a genius blend of bergamot, thyme, lavender, musk and ylang ylang, and I've been spraying it in my office and loving it.

Wouldn't you just love to hang this fantastic framed print over your desk as a reminder to chill when things get tough at work? Former Bachelorette Jillian Harris (who I adore) found these and keeps one hanging over her desk as a reminder not to let stress take over. How cool is that? I need that same reminder every half hour some days! I love the calming blue color, and the tiara on top--to remind us all that we're regal, of course. Here's where you can purchase the prints.

We’ve had an awesome summer so far, how about you? Granted, I’ve been really busy, but that’s OK. I like busy. And, I’m blessed to be doing the work I love. It’s been the busiest summer yet with a ton of magazine work–currently juggling some terrific articles for Redbook, Real Simple, Woman’s Day and Glamour (stay tuned for future issues!), writing for Glamour.com (just agreed to do year #3!), finishing the edit process of my novel, and writing my second. Oh, did I mention we’re having another baby? I’ll be sharing boy/girl news here in a few weeks when we hear! For now, here’s a quick glimpse of summer in my casa–the slower moments with the kids. I want to remember all the silliness and beauty of these months, so here they are …

Oh my goodness, it's sunny in Seattle (crazy, I know), and I totally have spring fever. Here's a bunch of tulips for you. Aren't they pretty? This will be the shortest post in the world because I'm off to do some springy things: a.) walk my dog, b.) plant sweet peas (giddy!), c.) pour a glass of wine and enjoy it on the deck outside while the boys play! Hope it's springy where you are. P.S. I may have some exciting news to share soon, so check back for details!

Is it January 22 already? Good heavens. This month is flying. I’ve been busy writing, revising my novel, blogging, mothering, cooking, running (more on that soon, and on Vitamin G), and a zillion other things I won’t bore you with. So, it hit me today that the first month of a new year is, now, almost gone. Wow. Just like that.

I love posting little snippets here on this blog, which I’ve started to think of as a scrapbook. How about that? A scrapbook that the world can see! And just because I don’t want to forget this wonderful month, here are a few little simple things and moments that I want to remember …

Isn't this the most beautiful thing? This salmon-colored amaryllis was a gift from my mother-in-law. She brought it over a few weeks before Christmas when it was just a little sprout. Then, miraculously, it bloomed into this on Christmas morning. Of course, I had to snap a photo of it with my new macro lens. (Thank you Santa!) Swoon! This flower always reminds me of my late Grandma Cecelia who loved them, and had a pot on her mantel every Christmas.


We’ve been having an insanely difficult time finding firewood. We’ve struck out three times with firewood sales people on Craig’s List (all three were no shows), so yesterday, when temps in Seattle were dropping below freezing, Jason went out for a bundle of wood and came home with the most unusual thing: gourmet firewood. I know, who knew? He spent waaaaaay too much money on a box of Lazzari Almond Firewood (at where else but Whole Foods). Almond firewood–sounds kind of delicious doesn’t it? He popped it in the fireplace and I envisioned that it would make the house smell like toasted almonds or something. But no, it didn’t. Still, I felt pretty fancy with our gourmet wood! Here’s what I learned about it …