I was so honored to be invited to be a guest author last weekend at the King County Library's Literary Lions Gala in Bellevue. The event raised more than $250,000 for literacy programs, and I had the chance to mingle with some amazing authors, including Amy Hatvany, Carol Casella, Nancy Horan, Pierce Brown, Cat Patrick, and many more.  My favorite part? Getting to meet one of my literary idols, Amy Tan. (Oh, and also the fun author group selfie from the stage!) What a night! Two comments on the above: My skirt looks too short and I don't know why I'm making this face! Oops. Amy Tan is as lovely as she is talented. She was a delight. The first thing Amy Tan said to me, even before I introduced myself, was "aren't you the author with three young boys at home?" I was so amazed that she knew about me at all! An amazing group of authors on one stage. Yes, there are two glasses of wine with me as I sign books.

A friend recently shared this lovely little video documentary about 20 strangers sharing a first kiss. It's funny, sweet, awkward (can you even imagine being paired up with someone from the street and agreeing to kiss them? Eek!) and oddly touching---some of these couples have serious chemistry. (I also adore the song playing in the background. It's called "We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow" by Soko. Perfection, and truth.)

Today I received an email from my foreign rights agent to share that Blackberry Winter, my third novel, continues to climb the bestseller list charts in Turkey. After six straight weeks on the list, it is now the #7 top-selling book in the country of Turkey, sharing list space with John Green, Khaled Hosseini and others. I am completely wowed and honored. I'm planning to visit Istanbul later this year for a special signing and appearance, and I cannot wait to thank my Turkish readers when I get there (and maybe have a few glasses of champagne too!).  

Happy birthday to my fifth novel, MORNING GLORY! It's in bookstores everywhere today (you can find it at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Costco, Books-a-Million, and at your favorite independent bookstores across the country)! I hope you'll stop and pick up a copy this week (first week of sales are very important to authors!). This novel is very special to me. It's set on a Seattle houseboat that I rented as my office while writing the book. I fell in love with the floating home lifestyle in the process, and I hope you will too. Happy reading, everyone!  

I recently had my photo taken by the amazingly talented celeb photographer John Keatley, who has shot photos of everyone from Bill Gates and Sarah Palin to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. John's currently working on the coolest iPhone portrait project, where he's curating hundreds of portraits captured by iPhone only. I can't get over how expressive and nuanced the photos are, and it's so inspiring to know that these were all taken with an iPhone! My favorite photos are "Ashley," "Cara" (the lipstick shot!), and "Brian." So great. And I love how John captured a moment of joy in my life. That smile was real (and so are the freckles---ha!). Thanks, John, for including me in this fantastic project!