Droolworthy: The Cookie-Cake-Pie

cakeEver since I saw a post on this genius pie, which also happens to be a cookie and a cake (I know!), over at the gorgeous blog CakeSpy–they call it “the triple threat”–I have wanted some, even if it’s just a teensy bite. Because, who are we kidding, a slice of this thing would induce a heart attack. But because it’s Friday and because it looks like absolute fun, I’m sharing it with you today.

Jessie at CakeSpy says, “Separately, each is wonderful in its own way. Cookies and milk after school. Birthday cake. Pie at Thanksgiving. But what if–just what if–all of this awesome could be combined into one singular sensation?”

Enjoy! [Photo: CakeSpy]

  • June 2, 2009

    Um, I want to make this. Right now.


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