New Video of My Signing Event in Istanbul!

Hi everyone!

I had the time of my life in Istanbul, attending my brother’s beautiful wedding, and doing lots of press interviews and reader events! Brandon made this video clip of my first signing at a D&R bookstore in Istanbul (turn the sound on!). Thanks for coming out, everyone! I had so much fun!

  • November 18, 2018

    Hello, I love you very much, I would love to come to Istanbul when you come, unfortunately I’ve seen all of your books I think I’ve been late now I think I’ve read. your latest book is in parisden flowers. of love

  • December 10, 2018
    Шырынхан Акерке

    Ваши киниги очень интересный и понятный. Я люблю ваш книги и читая книги и вас тоже полюбила. Очень понятно и дизайн книги очень красиво. Я свою эмоции не могу словами написать. Мне так понравилось ваш книги. Я когда читая плачу вместе с книгой и смеюсь вместе. Дай бог вам дасть сило ещё многие такие истоие написать к нам💚💚💚 с любовью Шырынхан Акерке Амирзанкызы из Казахстана

  • January 7, 2019

    HELLO Sarah how are you l miss you so much in 5 mouth when you came to Istanbul l was there to and you signed my book l am so preshuate about this thank you so much please come back again and this time l will give you l note about my feelings to you


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