Three Small Things I’m Smiling About Today

Are you a glass-half-full, or empty sort of person? I’ve always skewed toward the “full” (though my parents would probably argue that there were a few questionable teenager years in there, haha). Most of the time, I jump out of bed excited about my books, my day, my kids, my life! And then there are days when … it’s hard. These are the days when I need to count my blessings and remember all the rad things I have to be grateful for. And while I can list the big things (healthy kids, roof over my head, etc.), the small things deserve attention too. In fact, I think small things can give us such joy and it makes sense to recognize them now and them. For starters, in this new series, here are three little things that are giving me unexpected joy this week:

Bossa Nova! I’ve always loved jazz (as in, since early childhood… I also preferred pie to cake. Two facts that made me kind of an odd bird as a kid, ha.). But jazz, oh jazz, truly one of my favorite little happiness secrets: throw on some Dave Brubeck or Stan Getz, and let your troubles drift away. But lately, that’s all been amped up even more by the Brazilian style of jazz known as Bossa Nova. Think of the “Girl from Ipanema” and let your mind wander to sunshine and white sand beaches. If you come over to my house these days, it’s all I’ve been listening to. The “Inspired by Bossa Nova Jazz” playlist on Spotify = insta-happy.

Banana leaf print everything! Maybe I’m going with a tropical theme here…I’m not sure, but lately, I’ve been loving tropical prints like banana leaves (as seen on this very web site!). I just bought a new laptop case for my MacBook on Etsy. It’s pink and green and banana leaf perfection (squeal!). Also, I’m considering covering my bathroom walls in (removable) banana leaf wallpaper. Too much? I’m not sure–still mulling that one.

Old friendships with new life. I’m a true believer in the thinking that people drift in and out of your life, and back in again, for bigger reasons than we know. In other words, it’s all connected and meant to be (that’s how I see things, anyway). We can know someone in one season of life and merely be acquaintances, then come to know them so much deeper in the next chapter for reasons that are equal parts fateful and hilarious. I’m grateful for those types of friendships today and the people I’ve washed up on the same shore with in this chapter of life.

What are some small things you’re smiling about right now?

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  • June 14, 2018
    Kübra Nur Şimşek

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    Not: Hayallerimde Seattle seyahat etmek istiyorum. ☺️☺️
    Not2: Sen hep güzel kitap yaz biz okuyalım.
    Not3: Kitaplarını çok özledim. Seni seviyorum kendine iyi bak. 😘


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