Hey guys! I'm kicking off a new series on the blog today in which I'll be sharing my best writing tips for aspiring novelists. Lots more to come here on the subject of writing (and so many more topics!), but for now, your tip: People always ask me how I get my story and character ideas and my answer always boils down to one word: curiosity! Maybe this stems from my long career as a journalist where I was paid to ask questions and go deep, or maybe it's just my natural inclination to learn more, and more, and more. In any case, curiosity has driven all of my novels. And here's how it plays out in my day-to-day life: I'm always listening, observing, and

Hi all, It's been a while since I've updated this blog, but here I am again, saying hello from beautiful Oslo, Norway, where the temperatures hit the mid seventies today (!). I'm just finishing up the loveliest trip here to promote the Norwegian edition of my new novel, and I'm so grateful for the enthusiasm and warmth from my readers and publishing team in this awesome country. This is my third trip to Norway for book events, and with each visit, I fall in love with this special country all the more. While jet lag has been hard on this trip, it's been my favorite Norwegian experience to date. These past few days have been filled with amazing memories: sold-out reader events, spending time with author colleagues from around the globe (hello, Alyson Richman, Jan-Phillip Sendker, Lucy Dillon and others!), inspiring visits to the Munch Museum and the lookout point over Oslo where Edvard Munch set his iconic painting "The Scream." And, oh! Oh!! For all of my coffee-loving traveling friends, I have a little tidbit for you. Let me preface this by saying