• January 2, 2015
    Catherine Golding

    Once again you have demonstrated your extraordinary storytelling ability. Although L.O.L. is a slight departure from books like some of your others, it touched me deeply. How did you find that story in your mind?

  • February 2, 2015

    Evidently it was intended, by forces or powers unknown, that I should read this book, come what may; the fact that it was published on my birthday merely reinforces that belief.

    Cam reminds me somewhat of me, although his dismissal of love in its varieties stems from grief, while mine is a product of sheer incompetence. But poor Jane, blessed/cursed with her unusual vision, is a truly compelling character, even if I sometimes wanted to pick her up off the ground and say “Are you paying attention?”

    Anyway, congratulations on a genuine winner. I don’t know which is scarier: that I read a lot of the dialogue out loud, just to hear it spoken, or that I came this close [gestures] to tears. This latter, incidentally, is me pretending to have a gift for understatement.


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