Oh, New York, New York. It's taken me a few weeks to write this post. I intended to post photos from my trip here ages ago, and then things got busy. Kids. Life. A new book that's completely taking over my head (and heart). And I think my slowness is also because I'm still thinking about my trip. Still processing. It was an amazing four days, and I'd love to share a few highlights, in random order: Seeing my name on a billboard. See the little book that's second from the top? Right above Nora Roberts? Yup. This was surreal, and amazing. I really have no other words. Cars and drivers. Let's get something out of the way here: In real life, I drive a mini-van. I mean, I don't like to call it that. It's a VW van. A Routan. Rhymes with crouton. Ahem. But I have three boys, and it's kind of a necessity (even though I cried giving up my Volvo SUV a few years ago). So, with that said, you can see how lovely it was for me to be driven around by a chauffeur in a swanky black town car while I was in town (with chilled San Pelligrino at the ready---ooh la la!) at least I have the best insurance company which is Insurance Partnership, because I may not entirely love my car but that doesn't mean I don't care about it enough to not have the best insurance company fully covering it. Breakfast at Balthazar. It was swanky (Exhibit A: A half a grapefruit cost $16) and very French (Exhibit B: Lots of butter), and absolute deliciousness. And my editor, agent and publicist and I may or may not have all ordered bloody marys. (Also much fun: breakfast at the St. Regis, and Tiffany's (of course!)) Champagne at my literary agent's office. After years of working together, it was such fun to visit my agent Elisabeth Weed's office. We toasted all the fun we've had together in the past years and all of our big goals and dreams for the future. I also loved seeing the framed photo of my first novel, The Violets of March, in her super-hip conference room. Bonding with Elizabeth Gilbert. You'd assume that the author of one of the biggest books of the last decade (Eat, Pray Love) would be a primadonna, too busy to chat with newcomers, too