A Book Club Party for THE BUNGALOW!

How cute is this Miami book club’s party for THE BUNGALOW (their April book pick!). I loved how some wore sarongs (even a nurse’s outfit!) and that they had umbrella cocktails on the table. They were also lovely to talk to—I called in to say hi!


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  • July 19, 2013

    Hi, i just had to comment.
    Im from norway and ive just read this book, it was the best book ive ever read, so now im looking for other books you have written.
    I saw ( it is my cousins book, she told me i HAD to read it!)
    The book cover is different here, she told the women in the book store that she bougth it because of the beautifull colours ( it was pink flowers and it was white/yellow?!)
    This is the first time for me on your blog
    But not the last 😉
    Have a nice summer and keep up the gooooood work <3

    Anne, Stavanger, Norway


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