The Violets of … April

Look at these beauties that I found in my Seattle lawn (amongst the weeds—we don’t use any chemicals in our lawn, so we get all kinds of surprises!) Ever since writing The Violets of March, I love discovering violets in unusual places. These friendly little violets absolutely brightened my day, especially after the complete and utter sadness yesterday (love to you, Boston). And, my sweet author friend Sarah McCoy was just mentioning how flowers cheer her (as they do me). So, violets for you, Sarah, and to everyone who needs them.


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  • April 16, 2013

    Now you’ve gone and made me boo-hoo with love and appreciation, precious friend. These, just as you said, have brightened my day. Thank you, sister, for being here to wave violets of cheer.
    Xoxo, Sarah


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