Idea: Host a Tropical Book Club Party for The Bungalow!

Hello lovely readers! As most of the country (including my hometown—Seattle) is attempting to thaw out, I can’t help but dream of sandy beaches and sunshine. If you haven’t picked up my new novel, The Bungalow, yet, I hope you will enjoy the story, which is set on the island of Bora-Bora in the 1940s. With sun and sand in mind, I wanted to share a fun idea for book clubs: Host a tropical, beachy book club soiree! Here are some ideas. For starters, even if you can’t get to the South Pacific (but wouldn’t you love that?!), you can set a great table for the occasion, like the one below (photo credit):

And, maybe throw in some fun lanterns:

Stick an umbrella in whatever you decide to mix up for drinks!

As for music, it’s 1940’s all the way! Pick your favorite—Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, and get in the spirit of the decade.

For snacks, serve up these tropical coconut + pineapple cupcakes (I love the hibiscus flowers on top! Photo credit):

Make sure your girlfriends wear flip flops!

And give your book cub pals a lei!

And, for conversation … moi!

I’d love to call in and say hello to your book club and share a little about what inspired me to write this book and answer any of your questions. If interested, just send me an email.


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