Do you bird watch? I have a confession: I used to think the idea of it was so booooring. I may or may not have even exchanged a few snickers with my husband about bird watching, too. But a funny thing has happened to me as I get older (I’m 33): I appreciate birds so much. I love to look out my kitchen window and see the little finches (some black and white, some with yellow heads) peck around for seeds and worms. I love it when a proud blue-jay perches on the fence, daring us to look at his bold colors. I love it when a hummingbird flutters in mid air. Watching them is so calming and peaceful, and I can now see why people make a hobby out of it. It’s also fun to see my little boys notice the birds, too. They love robins, finches, and once we saw a bird with lime green wings (it looked like something out of a tropical rain forest, right here in Seattle). But they don’t care for crows much. I don’t blame them. I don’t either.

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