Everyday Chaos

I was thinking today while I was on my jog: Is everyone’s home as wild as mine? Seriously. Is there someone leaping off a couch, or crying about the stuffed animal that the dog chewed up, or whining about wanting candy in your house—right this minute? It’s why I love getting out for jogs solo while our babysitter is here or after my husband is home from work. Jogging keeps me sane. And when I get back to the house, I am a better mama for the 45 minute break when I’m alone with my thoughts and my iPod. Some photos from our wild household:

He found his tongue and is always sticking it out at us!

Carson and Russell being “robots”—the latest favorite activity.

And Russell (2) has developed an obsession with “mama’s book”! He carries a copy around the house everywhere. It’s very sweet.

  • August 2, 2011

    Oh my goodness, Russell carrying your book around is just the sweetest thing ever!

  • August 2, 2011

    I’m sure that my son will start carrying your book around too considering how much i talk about it! 🙂

    I recently had a couple of days to myself (no husband or son) and I literally paced around my home no knowing what to do with myself… then i thought, what DID i do before motherhood???? I still have no idea. 🙂

  • August 4, 2011

    Jogging? Jogging? Marathon with Elise?


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