Motherhood in Three Paragraphs

Do you read the beautiful blog Nie Nie Dialogues, written by the brave, inspiring Stephanie (the mother of four and survivor of a near-fatal airplane crash)? I adore reading her blog and came across this gorgeous passage she wrote about motherhood, which gave me goosebumps:

I love when I stay at home all day and cook, clean, organize, garden and other wonderful housewife-work. Which is what I happily did today, and feeling very content about it. I strongly believe that housework is the most rewarding feeling.

I enjoy the thoughts of my children coming home from school to a clean warm home. I love thinking that when they use the bathroom, the white tile is clean, fresh smelling soap and plenty of fluffy toilet paper available. I love when they drop their backpacks and coats down in the entryway, {sometimes} and run to the kitchen to see what is cooking, and I love when there is something cooking.

I love seeing rocks and treasures in Ollie’s jean pockets when I do the wash. And I hate to think that my children will be old one day and I won’t do those things for them anymore. I do those things for my husband and children to show them that I love them so.

Beautiful. I hope she writes a book soon. I’d so love to read it.

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