It's Gratitude Week: The Little Things in My Home That I Love


Somehow, the fact that we’re recovering from the flu is making me feel grateful–for my health, for my kids, for our home–for life (not that I was going to die or anything, but you know). And that’s where I want to start this week, with this roof over my head, and how I’m grateful for it. We almost got wooed away by a great big dream house on Bainbridge Island over the summer. And when our house in Seattle didn’t sell, the deal fell through, and it was a big fat disappointment. But, you know what? We’re thankful to be here, and over the past month or so, we’ve developed a newfound appreciation for this home of ours. Carson, our 2 year old summed it up perfectly the other day when he came barreling into the kitchen with a huge smile on his face: “Mama! I just love this house!” How sweet is that? Still, I’m convinced that if we lived in a tent, he’d feel the same way. Kids can teach us all a lesson in contentment, huh? So, to kick off gratitude week, I’m sharing photos of the little things, details, colors and corners of my house that I love. Just simple little things that make smile every single day. Come take a look…

I love the bold print on the chairs in my dining room. They’re upholstered Parson chairs, and they’re so comfy. Everyone that comes to dinner always lingers for a long time. We keep the lights dimmed, and the walls are the same deep color. One of our friends said this once about the room: “It feels like we’re in a restaurant.” This was the best compliment ever!


Isn’t this old hinge filled with character? Our house has been remodeled at various points in the last 60 years, but I love that it’s 1940s hinges still cling to the old windows in the kitchen that haven’t been touched by time–thank goodness. They’re perfect.


Jason built these wall shelves for me to display photos. I love them! And I love that I have a husband who can make clever things like this.


When I saw this faucet at the store, during our kitchen remodel, I practically fainted. It was perfect–and so affordable. It has a stately look about it, but it fits into our simple kitchen. And I don’t even mind the little drip that seems to come and go mysteriously.


Whenever I glance at the espresso cups on top of my Francis Francis machine, I smile inside. They’re a reminder that no matter how little sleep I got the night before, I have a source of energy!


I get so sentimental about this little framed Currier & Ives print. You can barely see it, but it’s “American Homestead in Winter” or something like that. I grew up in a home a lot like this–big white colonial with a front porch. My parents sold that house a few years ago, and I miss it so much! But, I have this print, which was hanging in that house. And now, it’s hanging in my house. P.S. I love the horse and sleigh in the photo. I’m such a cheeseball for winter and Christmas scenes.


What little things in your house are you grateful for?


  • October 18, 2009

    I did this very thing this summer—snapped pics of my fave things around my house. I must blog it myself as I am so grateful for the little things. Love yours, too! k

  • October 19, 2009

    Every day I’m thankful for all my 1500 s.f. in my 1940’s home! It’s solidly built, quaint, paid for,comfortable and perfect for my cat, my bird and myself. (my husband passed away 3 months ago) I pray that I may stay here until I join him! You are BLESSED! You enjoy your family – they grow up SO fast!

  • October 19, 2009

    Love that you are looking at all the things you are grateful for! 🙂
    We were doing that too and decided to create site that posed the question, what are you thankful for? The site is called and let us post our thanks but also lets others join in too. We’d love to have you check it out and post some of your thanks like the ones above, when you get time.


  • October 24, 2009

    Oh…old window hinges…1940s…Currier and Ives (now I’ve got the Carpenters’ Christmas song running through my head)…lingering after dinner…lovely. And then, you said, “cheeseball”…lots to smile about.

  • October 27, 2009

    Hey Sarah, so glad you don’t edit yourself here! Speaking of which…REALLY looking forward to reading your novel. I love devouring a good book. It’s akin to spending very intense bursts of time with a very good friend! But the paradox of a great book is that the more time you spend with it, the faster the end of the relationship comes. You don’t want it to end and you can’t wait to spend time with it, and yet, the very act of spending time with it…well, we all know how that ends. Anyway, I’m really looking forward to your novel!!


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