Unexpected Peace


We made the decision, this weekend, to take our house off the real estate market. The “dream house” on Bainbridge Island will always be in our hearts (our contingency period on that home expired today, before we could find a buyer for our house), but for now, we’re settling back into our city home: The home I brought my boys home from the hospital to. The home that we got the keys to on my 27th birthday. The home where we remodeled a kitchen (while living in it). And a bathroom. And the entire backyard. The home where Carson took his first steps. The home where Russell first said mama. The home we love.

And, as disappointed as I am, it’s funny, I also feel a great sense of relief. Is this weird? Has a big-fat-no ever brought you a sense of relief or unexpected peace? [Photo: Maco@SkyWalker]




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