11 Things That Are on My Mind


Hi my dears! So, my life is consumed with real estate at present–selling one house and buying another. I feel like I’m constantly fretting about pieces of lint on my carpet or the 2 year old who just messed up the bed and wiped his hands, which were covered in applesauce, all over the windows (that’s him in the photo–the bundle of energy that he is!). Oh, and ask me how I feel about the dog who is shedding.

Anywho, so aside from real estate (and in order to get my mind off real estate), I bring you the 11 other things that are consuming me at present. Drum roll …

1. Raw goat cheese. I’m reading Detox 4 Women by Natalia Rose and one of the key ingredients of the 4-week program she writes about is raw, Alta Dena goat cheese. How have I lived 31 years without knowing where to find this stuff?

2. Dahlias. I read this adorable post on a message board for moms on the island we hope to move to soon that read “Dahlias: $5 a bunch.” I instantly wanted to pack up the boys and go buy a few bouquets for our kitchen and dining room tables. Then I remembered: we don’t live over there yet, which made me think of real estate, which made me stress again. Change of subject.

3. Slow cooker meals. I’m obsessed with my slow cooker right now. Alright, I call it a crockpot, but that just sounds so 1980s, doesn’t it? I’m loving the blog, Fitnessista these days (look for a forthcoming post on Vitamin G about this fab blog!), and I was enticed by one post about an easy chicken chow mein recipe. Made it tonight–so good!

4. Gratitude. I am in love with the blog Nie Nie Dialogues. Beautiful Stephanie (aka “Nie Nie”) was in a terrible plane crash 11 months ago that burned a good portion of her body. The young mother of 4 is learning to create a new normal for herself post-accident. The beauty and the gratitude and the joy just burst through the screen when you read this blog–it makes me want to be more thankful for my life as it is now … the white kitchen table that is permanently stained with orange sweet potato baby food, the dirt the dog tracked in (I love my dog), my perfect husband who leaves his dirty clothes on the ground, my boys who wake me up most nights–everything.

5. Friends. Who I need to call. Who I need to hug. Who I need to see. Who I need to apologize to.

6. Books. The one I have written and others that I just really want to read. But the revisions of my novel, which I’m picking away at bit by bit, are haunting me every day.

7. Jon and Kate. Seriously, guys?

8. Skirts. I’ve bought 5 of them in the past week. Suddenly I’ve gone from loathing them to loving them. I don’t know what happened.

9. Babies. Is Russell my last? I don’t know. I look at him now and then and sigh. I hug him tighter and cradle him longer when I think that he may be our last. But that makes me sad. Yet, something tells me if we had another, I’d have twins. Twin boys. Which might kill me.

10. Muffins. They make everything better. Just baked another batch of these.

11. Mama discrimination. Not to end things on a low note, but I was out shopping recently, with Russell in the stroller, and I observed something fascinating (just anecdotal): College kids don’t have any patience for moms and strollers. Especially college kids at H&M. Was I like this at 21? I can’t remember. And if I was, it’s payback time for me, I guess. Note to my 21-year-old self: Be nice to mamas with their strollers–they didn’t get much sleep last night, and they really are sorry about hogging the aisles with their strollers. They’ll move over a bit if you ask them nicely. No need to be huffy.

What’s on your mind?

  • July 17, 2009

    love slow cooker meals too – have you checked out a year of crockpotting blog?

  • July 18, 2009

    Stressful time for you right now; make lots of muffins!

  • July 28, 2009

    Haha, I call it a crockpot too! My friend who has a son pointed out something I never realized – she said everyone is so willing to help you when you are pregnant, but God forbid they help you when you’re a mom with a stroller. Ever since she said that I can’t stop thinking about it, and it’s so true!

  • August 4, 2009

    HI! Lots of stuff going on for you! I remember that chair. Funny pic! OH the crazy lives we lead! take care.


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